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The state of the union speech given by Barack Obama on gun control isolation Bill On the 12th February 2013 President Barrack Obama delivered the state of the union speech to congress, in his speech he demanded for votes on gun control bills. Obama is trying to lobby congress to support him on new gun control legislation which includes banning of military style or semi-automatic firearms and high capacity magazines.

During his speech he talks about events of mass shootings that have happen in his tenure. He was doted to have said; “This is not the first time this country has debated how to reduce gun violence”, But two months after the shooting of 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, he said, ‘This time it’s different’ and at the end of the speech he says; ‘ninth I have said tonight matters little if we don’t come together to protect our most precious resource, our children” (HUFF POST, 2013).

The leadership Dilemmas This new legislation will be a battle for Obama to win over liberals and conservatives and powerful organizations like the National Rifle Association NEAR) who are critical against gun control and there membership transcends Congress. The NEAR is a powerful organization which as a matter of fact has actually funded political presidential candidates and whose membership is also vast, influential and powerful (CNN, 2013).

In the Democratic Party itself the signs of division have existed, moderate democrats who are against gun control have always stood firm. The other reason for some democrats in the congress not to support the president depends on gun control polls from there states, they would not risk becoming unpopular. Like in the case Of George W.

Bush and AH Gore, Bush attacked Gore during the election campaign on his stance claiming that Gore had been flip flopping on gun control, hence led to Gore dropping in election polls (Bill Samson, 2000). Most Republicans in the House of Representatives have top rankings in the National Rifle Association, the powerful gun rights lobby (CNN, 201 3), and this put Beam’s plan in a very difficult situation to win congressional votes in the House of Representatives.

Officials from some states and second amendments fanatics have planned to resist or fight the new gun controls eying that Obama and his administration want to steal their freedom. Some states have introduced a bill that will impede gun control laws such that it would be a felony for law enforcement to implement new gun controls and could spend up to five years in jail (Business Insider, 2013).

Obama persuasive action Obama in his state of the union speech he reminds Congress and the Americans at large of the calamities guns have brought to the United States, as a leader he wants to touch the heart of all Congress men and women, there is even the gesture Of inviting the victims and kids who have written utters to him to push for gun restrictive legislature. In order for Obama to gain support, he should never single out any stumbling block and should reach out to all stakeholders involved.

The Cultural map This a true picture of a cultural map, a lot of people in the united states have always romanticizes or rather always had a irrational fantasy of gun, from the gun slinger in the wild wide west, this is the culture to them. This is then supported by second amendment were in the past militia where used in wars and in there revolution against colonial powers but in this civilized world guns eave proved to be more harmful. If the legislation for tighter gun control laws is enacted, the United States can influence countries such as Yemen, Switzerland, and Finland with weak laws.

PART TWO: LEADERSHIP CONCEPTS APPLIED There are so many definitions of leadership and a lot of studies on leadership theories and concepts but, let’s define it as the interpersonal influence, exercised in a situation, and directed, through the communication process, toward the attainment of a specified goal or goals (Attainment, Heckler & Massacre, 1961 Leadership is an essential resource for creating and sustaining organizations, communities and societies, as such scholars have classified it into different styles that is classical and new style of leadership.

Since leadership is essential, how then do leadership theories, concepts and styles help our new leaders like in the case of President Obama Gun Control. What leadership style should he adopt and is it possible for a leader to achieve his goals on the same leadership style. Before we dwell on what leadership style should be adopted like in the case of the President Beam’s Gun Control, it is important to elaborate more on the leadership styles.

Leadership literature has been categorized into the classical leadership which is trait and behavior/style theory of leadership and new leadership styles which includes contingent and transformational theories (Tudor Richards, 2012). It should be noted that research has failed to prove or resolve if a leader can run a big dynamic and complex organization with a single specific style of leadership.

During 1880 to asses a leadership style called trait theory evolved, this theory deals with the quality in personal traits that a deader must pose like Intelligence, charisma, confidence, credibility, emotional intelligence. Behavioral style leadership on the other hand links leadership to the behavior patterns of leadership, this changes the thinking from a born leader to a made leader (Douglas McGregor, 1960).

Studies have identified two critical attributes of leadership behavior which are consideration and initiating Structure. In analyzing his leadership style using classical leadership styles shows that he is actually equipped with the necessary traits, the behavior pattern also show him as a leader whose behavior pattern has evolved from being the first black president of the Harvard Law Review in 1990 and heading of community development programs for poor African- Americans to Senator and now President.

The new leadership styles which will apply to him in his democratic leadership will be the Contingency and Transformation leadership styles. The contingency or situation leader styles have all factors that can affect leadership that is the people, task and the organization itself (Attainment, Heckler & Massacre, 1961). This leadership style recognizes the power in the leader (the US president), the power in the subordinate (the US congress) and the power in the task or situation (gun control legislation).

A leader like his subordinates would like to identify his subordinates independence and freedom to identify and deal with problems using their knowledge and experience. The power in the situation will be determined the nature of the problem, depending on how difficult his situation is or how much pressure it is receiving the leader is expected to be heroic and charismatic to drive the goals.


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