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The Means Gun control is a very controversial issue. Especially when it comes to the subject of allowing guns in schools. Many people believe that allowing teachers or anyone over the age of 21 to carry a gun onto a college campus is perfectly reasonable. They believe that it allows for protection of oneself and self-defense of others. Other people believe that guns should not be allowed in schools at all. They believe that it would end badly for everyone involved.

I am one of the latter. In this essay I will review points to prove that neither dents or teachers should be allowed to carry guns into college campuses. My first point on the subject Of guns in college is campuses is simply this. Where does it stop? If we allow teachers and students to carry guns onto college campuses then why not in high schools? What about middle schools? Many of the public education centers tend to follow suit from the colleges. The colleges set the precedent. When colleges get guards, public schools get guards.

As of right now, many schools have metal detectors and random searches before you can enter, but if we allow teachers to carry guns then the fatty precautions are useless measures. If the teacher carries a gun in, what is to stop a student from taking the gun and using it? The answer is nothing. My second point on the guns in colleges is training. Just because someone is allowed to carry a gun doesn’t necessarily mean that they know how to utilize it properly. I know of many people that own guns but have never even shot one.

Quite a few people are unable to even point out where the safety is located on the gun. Without training and practice, an amateur using a gun to protect is more dangerous than someone using out harm. If you shoot a gun o need to be prepared for the recoil, know how to aim, the proper stance, and milieu of other items of knowledge. An amateur carrying gun doesn’t know this. A teacher who has a gun but never shot the gun is just as likely to shoot an innocent bystander as the antagonist trying to cause harm.

Add to that the fact that most teachers are promoters of peace. As such they are more likely to try and talk and talk the antagonist down and find other options when a situation has progressed beyond that point. As such it will cause more people to die than is necessary. If these arguments are not enough to convince to not allow anyone but ropey trained security officers, then perhaps this will. In the recent past there have a been a myriad of different school shootings. Most of these are mass shootings were committed with random victims.

Meaning that while there may have been a rationale to the act the people were shot were not necessarily the people that antagonized. In the Columbine high school shooting in Colorado both Eric Harris and Dylan Keyhole shot a myriad of different students. For the purposes of time I will constrain my examples to consist of only the Columbine shooting. Both Eric Harris and Dylan Keyhole were described as ‘troubled teens”. The offered from depression, alienation, bullying, and obsession. Eric and Dylan were both highly intelligent and regarded as relatively harmless. Teachers and staff overlooked them.

According to various sources both Eric and Dylan would” walk with their heads down, because if they looked up they would get thrown into lockers and called a bag. ” My argument here is simply this. If this happening in high school, what happens to the students when they leave and go onto college? Do their emotions and hostility magically disappear? The answer is no. All of the emotions and feelings accumulated in high school carry on to college. Now in the instances of school shootings that occurred in Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado, and Georgia; all of the shooters had access to guns.

Given the number of school shootings that have happened when the students had access to guns, how many were avoided just because someone dido not have access to a gun? By allowing teachers and anyone over the age of 21 to bring a gun to school, this dramatically increases the likelihood that there will be a shooting. Most people are ignorant of what needs to be done to keep a gun safe and secure. It wouldn’t take much for somebody who has the idea to shoot someone else UT not the equipment to steal it from a teacher or a student.

I hope that this essay has enlightened you to the dangers in allowing guns to be in schools. Whether they be college, high school, or something else entirely. As a rule it shouldn’t be allowed unless you are a trained security guard. To do anything else would foolish and fool hardy.


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